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Kickstart your keto journey with our beginner-friendly meal plan, tailored to your unique profile, including gender, age, height, weight, activity level, and food preferences. This plan simplifies the basics with clear meal suggestions and easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to begin with confidence and everything you need for a personalized approach.


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Crafted to Assist Your Goals

Our plan, customized to align with your lifestyle and preferences, simplifies your diet choices to help you focus on your goals.

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Scientifically-Supported Methods

Our approach is based on a review of extensive research on the ketogenic diet. We apply well-studied principles to design plans that support your dietary efforts.

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Simplicity and Efficiency

Our plan features easy-to-follow recipes and clear guidelines to simplify meal preparation and help you stay focused on your dietary goals.

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What You Get

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Your Weight Loss Journey

Essentials Only: Our plan provides all you need to support your journey to a healthier weight.

- Custom Meal Plans for Enjoyable Eating
- Shopping Lists Designed to Save Time and Reduce Costs
- Simple and Tasty Recipes to Enhance Your Mealtime


Straightforward Facts on Keto


How do I print the meal plan?

Once you log into your meal plan, you’ll have access to print it. If you are in the main area (the page you currently see), please go to the top of the page, and there you’ll find the button "PRINT MEAL PLAN". If you want to print the individual recipe, please go to a recipe page, scroll to the bottom, and click on the button "DOWNLOAD RECIPE".

How much time should I leave between meals?

In order to allow your body to properly fast and use your fat for energy, we recommend leaving between three and four hours between each meal – this includes snacks.

How many servings are there per recipe?

Each recipe is designed for a single serving.

How can I deal with missing sweets and carbs?

There is an adjustment period, and there may be struggles, but the truth is once you kick the sugar habit, your body and mind will adjust and you will be better for it.

Will I ever be able to eat pasta, bread or sugar again?

When following the Ketogenic diet, it is crucial to be strict in the elimination of carbs initially, to allow the body to fully enter ketosis. As you begin to lose weight, you can slowly integrate some carbs into your diet, typically in the form of more vegetables, nuts, and possibly berries. However, you need to monitor your weight loss to see how these carbs affect it, in order to find the right balance. Once you reach your weight loss goals, you can indulge on occasion, but then return to the diet immediately. As with any healthy eating strategy, moderation is always key. Keep in mind, keto is a lifestyle, not a temporary diet, so you must be vigilant about your choices, basically forever, and returning to high carb eating will only lead to weight gain. The common-sense view is that whenever you return to a lifestyle that made you overweight, to begin with, it can only do so again and again.

What drinks can I have on keto?

Try to stick to drinks with no sugar. Water is best as it’s the healthiest drink you can consume. If you need something other than water, coffee and tea are great, just don’t add sugar or any creamers with sugar in them. Occasionally, a glass of wine is okay too.

How quickly will I lose weight on keto?

Just like everyone takes their own time getting into ketosis, how fast you lose weight differs too. Your diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits play a vital role. Most people do see a dramatic difference in the first week, as your body releases water weight, rather than fat as you transform your diet. Keeping up with the diet (eating high fat and low carb) and exercising regularly will produce the greatest results.

When will you get into ketosis?

Everyone is different, but on average, it takes a few days to a few weeks to get into full-blown ketosis where you feel great. In the meantime, you may feel some symptoms from carbohydrate withdrawal, commonly known as ‘keto flu.’ As your body adapts to the higher-fat and low-carb diet, though, your carb cravings will stop and you’ll start to feel great.

What is ketosis?

Ketosis refers to the biochemical process your body goes through when it starts burning fat for energy. Normally, your body burns sugar in your bloodstream as well as the sugar stored in your liver and muscles. When you burn fat for energy, your pancreas does not release insulin since there is no sugar involved. This means that you feel fuller longer. You're no longer eating throughout the day like you would if you were on a standard carbohydrate-rich diet.

What is a keto (or ketogenic) diet?

The Ketogenic diet is an eating plan that features a very low intake of carbohydrates, which are macronutrients found in food. Low carb diets are eating plans that typically lower the intake of carbs to below 100 grams per day, the Ketogenic diet is the most strict of these and limits intake to less than 50 grams per day, preferably starting with 20 grams. It is most important to understand that keto is not a fad diet or a temporary solution to weight loss, it is actually designed to be a lifestyle plan that not only results in successful weight loss, but also promotes overall health, energy, and vitality. It eliminates junk and processed food by definition, as most carbs are just that allowing you to eat clean, whole food for better overall health and wellness.

Is the keto diet safe for everyone?

Like all diets, always check with your doctor first. The keto diet is generally safe for most people, except those on high blood pressure medications, medication for diabetes, or breastfeeding. If you have any questions or concerns about how it may affect your body, though, consult with your doctor before starting.
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